Investor Overview

In 2021, Western Alaska Copper & Gold, a private Alaska-registered corporation, entered into a business combination agreement with a British Columbia numbered company to complete a Reverse Takeover (“RTO”) by way of a plan of merger. In connection with the RTO, the company completed a concurrent C$5.2M financing and applied to the TSXV to list the common shares of the resulting issuer as a Tier 1 Mining Issuer. It is anticipated that trading on the Exchange under the symbol “WAM” in mid-November 2021, subject to the Exchange providing final approval of the listing.

Common Shares Outstanding 32.0 million
Proportional Shares Outstanding* 0.3 million
Options 2.9 million
Shares Outstanding (F/D) 41.1 million

*Proportional shares are convertible at the option of the holder into common shares on the basis of 100 Common share for each 1 proportional share. The right to convert is subject to certain threshold limitation.